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Meet the Team

 Jon Didham

Jon Didham



Phone: (709) 685-0350

Bill Headshot.HEIC

Bill Didham

Operations/Sales Manager


Phone: (709) 685-5903

 Jessica Carpenter

Jessica Carpenter

Cortec® Corporation


Clint Bruce

Preservation Specialist


Rick Mandryk

Preservation Specialist



What We Use

Cortec® is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 17025 certified company. Cortec® has now expanded into environmentally friendly biobased and water-based liquids to replace polluting oil/solvent based coatings. Cortec® also produces a full line of multifunctional products that promise unparalleled benefits to the customer, including increased profits, improved product quality and productivity while reducing waste and pollution.

Who We Are

In order to increase the return on investments of industrial assets and increase public and environmental protection, corrosion management has to be part of organizations’ strategic planning. 


MetChem, as a leading distributor for Cortec® corrosion solutions for Canada, will support these strategic planning processes, working together to create and implement corrosion management system frameworks. MetChem has technical support along with research and development through Cortec® Corporation.


MetChem provides appropriate industry-oriented corrosion solutions suited to each industry’s unique corrosion challenges.


Industries we serve:


Oil and Gas|Hydro|Marine|Wind|Automotive|Aviation|Mining|Manufacturing

Why We Care

In the Oil and Gas industry, corrosion has been estimated to cost as much as $3-7 Billion USD annually, according to Genome Canada. 


The study, International Measures of Prevention and Economics of Corrosion Technology (IMPACT), estimates a price tag of $6.3 Billion CAD annually for corrosion-related deterioration and failures of national assets. The study also identified savings between 15-35% of that amount through the implementation of existing corrosion control practices.

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MetChem offers onsite and online training. Take the next step in your professional advancement by learning about proven corrosion solutions.

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